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Cutting Edge Blade

Cutting Edge Blade

High abrasive grader end bits cutting edge blade with OEM Quality

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High abrasive grader end bits cutting edge blade with OEM Quality

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 the raw material to choose

Material selection

main types of products:

cutting edge, end bit, bucket guars, bucket teeth,etc for excavator, loader, bulldozer,grader, scraper


product features

double bevel, single bevel,curved blades,flat cutting edge, Vee shape,hot cupped,overlay welding,etc

Our Service:

1)better welding performance material can be used. No need for preheat under low temperature

2)higher machining accuracy and thickness range from 16mm to 60mm

3)higher standard material or Bisplates can be chosen for different application

4)innovative steel material design ability can meet any special technical requirement

5)advanced heat treatment with through hardening. Core hardness is higher to extend wear lift



1. what are your main products?

--cutting edge, end bit, bucket tooth, bucket guard, etc, mainly be used for excavator, bulldozer, grader, loader, scraper, etc construction machinery

2. why we should  choose you?

- -we have been done steel business for more than 20 years, are the bigest steel agent of Shandong Iron&steel group(SISG), on the raw material, not only quality advantage, but also hav ethe price advantage, besides, we still can customized material according to the requirement of the clients!

--as a proffesional factory, we have the most advanced machines in China. Our CNC plasma cutting machine is imported from Germany, and the heat treament machine is South Korea anto roller heat treatment, besides we still have the advanced cnc drilling machine and milling machines, can supply the products with higher precision and high through-hardness.

--we have about USD60000 ali assurance fund, can keep your money safe.

3.where are your factort loacated?

--Jinan, Shandong Province, China

4. what's your output?

--6000tons per year

Contact infortation :

information for cutting edge

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