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Motor Grader Blades 234-70-12670

Motor Grader Blades 234-70-12670

3G8319/3G8320,9W8874/9W8875, 175-71-22272/175-71-22282, 195-71-11173/195-71-11183 , 175-70-21136/175-70-21126 , 140-70-11170 /140-70-11180......

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high carbon steel motor grader blades 234-70-12670

1. OEM part number 8E4193/ 8E4194, 8E4198/8E4199, 9W1875/ 9W1876,

3G8319/3G8320,9W8874/9W8875, 175-71-22272/175-71-22282, 195-71-11173/195-71-11183 , 175-70-21136/175-70-21126 , 140-70-11170 /140-70-11180...... 


2. Material:27MnTiB and 30MnB Boron steel both with heattreatment. Q550D-T ,45#,80#...


3. Hardness:HB320~360 or HB440~480.


4.Thickness from 16mm to 60mm.


5. Different type: Level end bits and Hot cupped end bits


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