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Grader Blade

Product Service: 1) Accessories replacement 2)OEM or customized service 3)Double bevel curved blade 4)Serrated balde
  • 5D9559 Grader Blade

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    5D9559 Grader Blade

    5d9559 grader blade Product picture: Specification: Part number: 5d9559 Dimension: 19*203*2133(mm) Weight :60kg Material Composition: Our Advantages: 1)better welding performance material can be used. No need for preheat under low temperature 2)higher machining accuracy and...Read More

  • 5D9553 Grader Blade

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    5D9553 Grader Blade

    80# steel 5d9553 grader blade Specification: Part number: 5d9553 Dimension: 16*152*1828(mm) Weight :30kg Company Introduce: Jinan Higher Blades Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in China for producing cutting edges, grader blades, ripper shank, bucket teeth and bolts which...Read More

  • Grader Blade for Farm Tractor

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    Grader Blade for Farm Tractor

    Grader blade for farm tractor rear d85 machine front dozer blade Specification: Part number: 9W2310 Dimension: 13*203*1219(mm) Weight :23kg Types:Double Bevel Curved Material Components: Adapted brand: Product picture:Read More

  • Grader Blade with Rippers

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    Grader Blade with Rippers

    Long Service Life grader blade with rippers 9W2312 Dimension: Part number: 9w2312 Dimension: 13*203*1524(mm) Weight :28kg Material Selection: Package Cutting edge and end bits: PLYWOOD PALLETS; Bucket Teeth And Adapters: PLYWOOD CASES; Bolts And Nuts/Pins& Retainers:...Read More

  • Grader Blade Motor Grader

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    Grader Blade Motor Grader

    Jinan Higher Blades Co., Ltd is China TOP suuplier in producing loader cutting edges, bulldozer cutting edge&end bits, motor grader cutting edge & overlay, excavator blades, scraper blades and bolts . We also provide OEM and customized service for both domestic and...Read More

  • Grader Blade Motor Grader Cutting Edge

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    Grader Blade Motor Grader Cutting Edge

    Regular 5D9558 grader blade motor grader cutting edge Specification: Part number: 5D9558 Dimension: 19*203*1828(mm) Weight :50kg Type: Double Bevel Curved Blades Material Composition 27MnTiB,30MnB,C80,C45, and we developed new material which under low temperature (-30 ℃...Read More

  • Grader Cutting Edge 5D9553

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    Grader Cutting Edge 5D9553

    Grader Cutting Edge 5d9553 1.Production description : Our Cutting edge and Grader blader are designed and manufactured to meet OEM and industry standard for earthmoving machinery and equipment. We can provide both heat-treated Boron steel and Carbon steel, it is depend to...Read More

  • Grader Blade Bolts

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    Grader Blade Bolts

    Quality material 13 14 holes grader blade bolts factory Specification : Part number: 7D1949 Dimension: 19*203*2438(mm) Weight :67kg Common part number: Grader blades: 5D9553 5D9554 5D9556 5D9557 5D9558 5D9559 5D9561 5D9562 7D1158 7D1949 7D1577 4T2233 4T2242 4T2244 4T2236...Read More

  • Grader Blade Cutting Edge

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    Grader Blade Cutting Edge

    Motor grader blade cutting edge for XCMG LIUGONG Specification: Part number: grader blade 7t1627 Dimension: 19*203*2438(mm) Weight:67kg Curved Grader Blades:Thickness 13-25mm Width 152-203 mm Flat Grader Blades:Thickness 16-75mm Width 203-406 mm Different type:Curved grader...Read More

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