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A nap flat blade selection tool coup
Sep 11, 2017

We all know that supporting the grader blade is an important part for the grader, so the grader blade is also very important for the choice of the tool, which will directly affect the product processing cycle. How do you choose for props? Do not know how to get familiar with it

1, the most important tool

Any tool to stop working means that the production of a pause, but this does not mean that each tool has the same important position.

2, tool specifications, tool materials and grades

The common mistake is that the selected tooling specifications are too small and the cutter specifications are too large. Large size of the knife is more rigid, and large-size milling cutter not only higher prices, and empty cut time longer. In general, large-scale tool prices are higher than small-size tools.

3, grader blade tool form selection

Choose to change the blade or re-grinding tool: the choice of the principles to follow is relatively simple, that is, to avoid grinding tools. In addition to a small number of drill bits and end face milling cutter, select the interchangeable blade or replaceable cutter as far as possible under conditions permitting it. This saves labor costs while achieving stable processing results.

4, level machine blade tool prices

Tool prices are important, but less than the cost of production costs due to the importance of the tool. Although the knife has its corresponding price, but the real value of the tool is to fulfill the duties of productivity. Often, the lowest price tool is the tool that produces the highest cost of production. The price of the cutting tool is only 3% of the cost of the part, so it is necessary to pay attention to the productivity of the tool, not the purchase price.

Above supporting the level of the blade for the choice of the tool you have to understand it, you want to use a more reasonable or fast to start these are all indispensable Oh.

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