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Adjustment Method of Side Tilt of Gradients
Sep 11, 2017

In the process of the work of the grader, sometimes the need to ground machine blade to the right side of the tilt, how to do it? The following four steps will give you details:

First turn the loop and move the blade so that the knife's knife is about 25 cm to the left of the symmetry axis of the grader and the blade is lowered to the ground.

Step 2: Move the spherical pivot of the plunger rod of the blade to the left hole of the blade, remove the traction frame and its piston rod, and fix it to the right hole of the guide frame and the right side of the traction frame On the pivot.

The third step: remove the blade lift cylinder support frame, guide the fixed left and right pin, while retracting the blade left lift cylinder rod, elongated right long lift cylinder rod, so that the support frame to move the left side of the guide Ke. When the second hole on the left side of the support frame is aligned with the left hole of the guide, install the retaining pin.

Step 4: Check the hydraulic hose, do not let it reverse the phenomenon, and then manipulate the blade lift and turn the circle turn, the blade transferred to the right side of the fuselage.

After this four steps, the grader blade to the right side of the tilt adjustment is completed.

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