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Details of the quality and safety of flatbed blade
Sep 11, 2017

In recent years, with the increasing number of mechanical equipment, its quality and safety there is a certain risk, for the grader blade is also the case, many of the industrial production needs a lot of use it, so it is particularly important, then how to improve the grader blade The quality and safety of it?

Many manufacturers have attached great importance to the quality of the tool. Not only good tools can improve the quality and efficiency of raw material chippings, but also a more important reason is that the processing safety of the tool, from the grader blade plant products The operation of the need to have a good hardness of the tool at the same time, but also have better toughness, in order to ensure that the tool in the running process, there will be no broken knife and collapse of the phenomenon.

As the grader blade factory processing speed is very fast, and the grader blade blade plant volume is also large, the general steel because of the hardness is too high, it is easy to produce brittle fracture phenomenon, which is a lot of tools for more than the quality of the ban. In the manufacture of the grader blade plant, the small crack of the tool is an important reason leading to the embrittlement of the tool. The enterprise has always been in the hardness and quality of the product to control, in the safety of dynamic balance and anti-fly design structure, A variety of material structure program to do comparison, in the tool selection for many years to explore and improve, the accumulation of good technology and experience.

Therefore, taking into account the use of grader blade, the domestic tool has been able to withstand the process of high-speed processing, most of the grader blade plant can use 8-24 hours sharpening, basically get rid of several times a day sharpening the situation, Ordinary tools can also be a normal working day.

In order to facilitate the production of major enterprises, grader blade quality and safety issues is very important, only these have been protected in order to give our business to bring greater advantages.

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