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Grader blade to buy
Sep 11, 2017

With the rapid rise of various earthworks, the size of the grader will often appear in our field of vision, the grader blade will be a wide range of applications. In the market in the type of ground blade in the type, model, price and other aspects of large or small differences, regardless of the price level, the most suitable for us to use, the most cost-effective is the best. Xiaobian below to introduce you to the level machine blade purchase skills, hoping to help everyone.

First of all, we from the use of the most expensive certainly the quality of the most assured, but the price is high, the relative cost is high, so the choice of grader blade should be from the practical up to buy, for example, the work environment of the grader is earth, Less smooth surface of the road, then the most common ground plane blade is enough, if the gravel material, water stability, such a snow is the most able to wear the ground plane blade, then you should choose a relatively high wear resistance, If you are between the two, you have too lazy to frequently change the grader blade, you can buy widened thick grader blade, in short, according to their own construction environment, use choice is the last word!

Then we talk about the quality of the grader blade which points! I plant the grader blade is the full range of:

1, the first that ordinary, what is a common blade? Ordinary blade is and the factory blade length and width are the same, but also standard grader blade, this grader blade is the price is relatively cheap.

2. The second is to widen the thickening, widening thicker ground machine blade with ordinary grader blade material is the same as the widening on the basis of thicker than ordinary wear.

3 and then 30MnB type of blade, this type of grader blade is the most anti-wear, export to do the most expensive material in recent years, many domestic users have begun to choose this product, after all, is a penny goods, which The flattened machine blade is used for a long time, and the election is also a saving!

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