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How do you want to rust the edge of the grader?
Sep 11, 2017

Edge blade is indispensable, and its raw materials no matter how expensive, are unable to ensure that the edge of the blade is always sharp, but if you can carefully maintenance, or to make it rusty. I believe that the equipment has been rusty we are more headaches, a rust will lead to the decline in efficiency, the following Xiaobian to share with you to prevent the edge of the blade to prevent the two measures of rust.

The first type, you can use the coating lubricant method, if the grader edge edge board for a long time do not, the relevant personnel can be coated with a layer of lubricant on the edge of the blade to prevent the blade rust, no matter what lubricant will have to prevent blade Rust function, usually pay more attention to maintenance.

But even after some protection measures, can not guarantee the blade will be able to 100% rust, rust is not terrible, to find a solution in time, you can use cotton, cotton cloth items coated with a lubricant gently wipe Edge edge board, you can eliminate the rust!

The second kind, brush with a brush brush method, the first edge of the blade should be immersed in warm water, with a fine brush carefully scrub, it is equivalent to the edge of the edge of the grinding plate to eliminate rust! After processing, be sure to remember the oil, protect the edge edge board!

To extend the life of the edge edge plate, it is necessary to do more protection measures. Edge edge board protection, or to pay more attention to detail, in the usual work, the operator should always check the edge of the edge of the board, placed in a dry place, regularly coated with lubricant, take preventive measures, if true And other blades become rusty, can not work properly, then it will cause a lot of unnecessary losses.

Want our work to be smooth and efficient, then we need to maintain our tools at hand, so that our work can achieve unexpected results. Do you learn the rust on the edge of the blade?

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