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Some of the requirements of the plain blade
Sep 11, 2017

Supporting the flat blade manufacturing process, the characteristics of more advantages, while the NC machining abrasive requirements are also high. If you want to use it more smoothly, Xiao Bian that it is to make some understanding or very necessary. And the traditional matching flat blade manufacturing products compared to CNC matching flat blade manufacturing and processing of the mold in the quality of a significant increase. Whether it is in the quality of supporting the grader mold, or product accuracy, service life, manufacturing cycle and cost need to have a great improvement. Of course, at the same time on the CNC machining die itself is also higher requirements. In general to consider a few points:

First, supporting the type of lathe mold, in the early stages of production to determine the type of mold which is produced, different types of mold its various indicators are different, the required processing technology is also different.

Second, the accuracy of supporting the grader mold, mainly refers to the mold needs of the dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and heat treatment hardness, etc., usually on this standard requirements.

Third, the NC supporting the design of flat blade, the specific situation to be combined with the actual design, such as mold making technology, on-site production technology.

Fourth, the manufacturing cycle is also a key, many customers in the manufacture of mold time is very important to the concept of time, so not only requires the quality of processing excellence, but also requires the period, can be put into use as soon as possible in order to improve the efficiency of use, Save the cost of the enterprise.

Of course, supporting the most prominent blade or NC way, more intelligent, more powerful computer system into, not only real-time computer operation, eliminating the trouble of manual operation, but also with memory function, the user can directly operate the computer, including the The production and processing indicators of the control, the use of more efficient, more flexible and convenient processing.

About supporting the ground blade, Xiao Bian gave you so much, I believe that with the progress of the times, the development of graders will be more and more strong, will be more perfect, let us look forward to its changes it.

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