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Talk about how to better use supporting flat blade
Sep 11, 2017

A good device must be accompanied by a good accessory, so as to play its role to the extreme. Similarly, supporting the flat blade also need to better use, supporting the flat blade, progressive production rate can be expressed in many forms, saving manpower, improve material activity, improve accuracy, improve the quality of incision, but the most important thing is to enhance security.

Support arm: is supporting the front of the support material, and can be used with the appropriate front baffle to measure the shear parts. Program-controlled backstop: rear block size can be set to control other accessories, it is programmable device.

Provide different materials supporting the maximum life of flat blade: According to the different cutting materials, can provide different materials of the blade. The goal is to provide the best money for the user's money and the longest blade life.

Supporting the flat blade support device: The device is usually located behind the blade, so that the material to withstand the back material and support the material to prevent the material drooping, and to ensure the correct incision position.

Limit blocks: There are different types, such as those that are suitable for the rotation of the retaining arm and the support arm. This regulator can often be controlled by a computer controller with a flat blade, for which the material thickness, type and cutting length parameters are first entered into the controller. These limit blocks are used for the front block.

Knife gap Gap adjuster: The nearest blade gap adjuster adjusts the companion blade to the blade gap that best fits the material thickness, grade and size.

With the development of society, a variety of production equipment is constantly changing and increasing, not all of the equipment we can be a good use, we need to understand it. Above for everyone to introduce the matching flat blade we have harvest it, I hope we can better use it.

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