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The failure form of the grader blade (grader blade)
Sep 11, 2017

Plane blade (flat plane) is a must for the grader to complete the work of leveling the workplace, it can be said that no blade (knife board) of the grader can only be used as a display. After the use of a certain period of time, due to a variety of wear and tear, the sharpness of the tool will become increasingly weak, and to be a certain degree of wear, the tool will lose its cutting capacity or can not guarantee a certain processing quality, At this time we said that the tool failed. The main form of the ground machine blade failure is the rake face wear, flank wear, border wear and plastic deformation of the four, the four models of the reasons and the corresponding countermeasures, Xiaobian then we will introduce one by one.

1, the rake face wear (crescent worn wear):

The rag face is caused by friction diffusion.

The rake face wear is mainly caused by the contact of the chip workpiece and the spread of the heat generating area. In addition the tool material is too soft, the processing speed is too high, the feed is too large, but also the rake face wear causes. The rag face wear causes the tool to deform, interfere with chip removal, and reduce the strength of the cutting edge. Mainly to reduce the cutting speed feed rate, while the choice of coated carbide materials, can reduce the rake face wear.

2, flank wear:

Caused by mechanical stress on the flank surface friction and wear.

As the tool material is too soft, the tool angle is too small, the cutting speed is too high, the feed is too small, resulting in excessive flank wear, making the processing surface size accuracy, increase friction. Should choose high wear resistance tool material, while reducing the cutting speed, increase the feed, increase the tool rear angle. So as to avoid or reduce the occurrence of flank wear.

3, the border wear

The upper cutting edge of the main cutting edge is common in contact with the workpiece.

The main reason for the surface hardening of the workpiece, jagged chips cause friction, affecting the flow of chips and lead to collapse knife. Only to reduce the cutting speed feed rate, while selecting the wear-resistant tool material and increase the rake angle to sharp cutting edge.

4, plastic deformation

Cutting edge deformation under high temperature or high stress.

Cutting speed, feed rate is too high and the workpiece material hard point effect, the tool material is too soft cutting edge temperature is very high phenomenon is the main reason for plastic deformation. It will affect the quality of chip formation, and sometimes can lead to collapse knife. Can take to reduce the cutting speed feed rate, choose high wear resistance and high thermal conductivity of high tool material and other countermeasures to reduce the plastic deformation wear.

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