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The loader bucket teeth
Sep 11, 2017

With the construction of various buildings, the site needs, machinery industry came into being, in order to be able to adapt to a variety of working conditions and construction environment, loader bucket teeth are constantly innovative and improved, then the loader bucket teeth which varieties, The function and what are it?

Bucket teeth in the use of the process to see the working environment, to fight the teeth of the model, the general excavation, weathered sand, surface media, etc. to use flat bucket teeth. Digging the hard rock with RC-type bucket teeth, digging block coal seam generally TL-type bucket teeth, TL bucket teeth can improve the rate of coal out. In actual use, users often like the common RC bucket teeth, I suggest not special circumstances generally do not use RC bucket teeth, it is best to use flat bucket teeth, because RC teeth with a period of time after the front wear, like 'fist' plus Big mining resistance, waste power, and flat bucket teeth in the wear process has always maintained a sharp side, reducing the mining resistance, saving fuel.

Excavator bucket teeth in the use of the process, the bucket outermost bucket teeth than the most inside the wear and tear 30% faster, it is recommended to use a period of time, the teeth should be inside and outside the switch position.

2) Excavator driver's driving method to improve the utilization of the bucket teeth is also very critical, the excavator driver in the mention of the arm as far as possible not to receive bucket, if the driver side of the arm, while the bucket bucket operation It will make the teeth by an upward traction, so that the bucket teeth from the top of the tear, so that the bucket teeth torn, the operation of the action to pay special attention to the coordination of action. Some of the excavator driver in the arm, and send the action of the arm is often too much force, the bucket quickly to the rock "knock" or hard to throw the bucket on the rock, this will be broken teeth, Or easy to knock knock on the crack, the size of the arm knock bad.

Above is some of the loader bucket teeth of the use of precautions and conditions of use, if you do not understand anything, please contact us!

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