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The skills of the ground plane (the plane cutter)
Sep 11, 2017

The flatbed machine blade (grader blade) has a high degree of flexibility, can be formed according to the needs of the work at any time with the direction of travel different angles, if it is in the vertical plane to form the necessary tilt angle, if it is adjustable on the road For the whole and smooth operation of the special machinery. It is precisely because of this, it laid a grader blade in the market position.

The reason why the use of grader blade so wide, and its production process is also very open. The blade itself is a cast steel wear-resistant material, so the need for different heat treatment of the casting blade material and mechanical properties of processing. In the processing before the need for a normalizing or annealing preheating treatment, this is done in order to improve the strength of the blade steel casting material. And in the normalizing, the need for a heat treatment at 300 ℃, so that the blade has more strength and impact toughness.

Therefore, the production of grapevine blade technology at all, through these processing processes, can effectively improve the overall performance of the blade.

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