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The use and characteristics of the flat blade
Nov 12, 2018

      Grader blade use: It is widely used in road construction, airport engineering, mining engineering, etc. The grader blade can perform soil cutting, scraping and leveling operations, and can also be used for shaping gravel pavement, gravel pavement and roadbed pavement. And maintenance, surface soil or turf peeling, trenching, shaving slope and other leveling operations, as well as completion of material mixing, backfilling, shifting, and equalization of operations.

    The grader blade is the main butting device with a high degree of flexibility. It is possible to form various angles different from the traveling direction at any time according to the need of the Ding, if the necessary inclination angle is formed on the vertical surface. If it is a special machine that can be adjusted to the whole type and leveling work on the road. The reason why the use of the grader blade is so extensive, and its production process is also very incompetent. The blade itself is a cast steel wear resistant material, so the microstructure and mechanical properties of the cast insert material need to be processed through different heat treatments. A normalizing or annealing preheating treatment is required before processing, in order to improve the toughness of the blade cast steel material.

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