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Loader Cutting Edge

Product Service: 1) Accessories replacement 2)OEM or customized service 3)Weld in bucket balde or base edge 4)Half-arrow blade
  • Backhoe Cutting Edge

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    Backhoe Cutting Edge

    Backhoe loader excavator grader cutting edge 106-6423 Specification: Part number: 106-6423 Dimension: 40*590*1029.5(mm) Weight :185.7kg Material Selection: FAQ: Q1. Can you produce according to the samples and sample policy? A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical...Read More

  • Blade Bucket

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    Blade Bucket

    Motor grader blade bucket edge cutting Specification: 1.Product name: bulldozer blade cutting blade for Caterpillar 2.Part code:6I8367 3..Specification: SEF 40*590*1066mm 4..Net weight: 192.4KG Testing Equipments Higher Blades Company have the world advanced level laboratory,...Read More

  • Cutting Edges Perth

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    Cutting Edges Perth

    Cutting edges perth real factory direct supply Specification: Part number: 127-7433 Dimension: 50*590*1066(mm) Weight :237.9kg Type: Double Bevel Flat Cutting Edge Adapted brand: Higher Service Higher Blades have obvious advantages to provide customer a more cost-effective...Read More

  • Bucket Wear Edge

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    Bucket Wear Edge

    966 loader bucket wear edge 6W2989 Specification Part number: 6w2989 Dimension: 30*282*2840(mm) Weight :178kg Ref. Number: 416-815-1310, 417-70-1212, 418-70-12121, 419-70-1212, 419-838-1110, 419-809-1120, 419-815-A110, 423-70-32220, etc. Suitable model:...Read More

  • Bucket Wear Parts

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    Bucket Wear Parts

    Heavy machineries bucket cutting edge wear parts Specification: Part number:5G8342 Dimension: 19*190.5*2364.7(mm) Weight :64kg Material Composition 27MnTiB,30MnB,C80,C45, and we developed new material which under low temperature (-30 ℃ )welding without preheat and have longer...Read More

  • Carbide Cutting Edges

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    Carbide Cutting Edges

    Loader spare parts carbide cutting edges Specification : Part number: 7T1634 Dimension: 19*203*1828(mm) Weight :50kg Grader Blades: Company Introduce Jinan Higher Blades Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in China for producing cutting edges, grader blades, ripper shank,...Read More

  • 9w8215 Cutting Edge

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    9w8215 Cutting Edge

    Part number 9w8215 cutting edge for loader Part number: 9w8215 Dimension: 19*203*1130(mm) Weight :32kg Material Components We supplying G.E.T. parts for :Read More

  • Cutting Edge for Tractor Bucket

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    Cutting Edge for Tractor Bucket

    Loader parts cutting edge for tractor bucket 107-3538 Specification : Part number: 107-3538 Dimension: 45*482*354(mm) Weight:57.3kg Material Selection: Company Introduce : Jinan Higher Blades Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in China for producing cutting edges, grader...Read More

  • Tractor Cutting Edge

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    Tractor Cutting Edge

    Motor grader tractor cutting edge 7T1633 7T1632 Company introduce: Higher Blades can provide high strength wear-resisting steel with advanced heat treatment. Our through hardening technology can improve the hardenability to extend the edges wear life. We can also design...Read More

  • Cutting Edge Parts

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    Cutting Edge Parts

    Dozer blades cutting edge parts 6Y0313 Jinan Higher Blades Co., Ltd is China TOP supplier in producing loader cutting edges, bulldozer cutting edge&end bits, motor grader cutting edge & overlay, excavator blades, scraper blades and bolts. We also provide OEM and...Read More

  • Cutting Edge Bolts

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    Cutting Edge Bolts

    15 holes grader cutting edge bolts 7T1629 9J3655 Specification: Part number: 7T1629 Dimension: 16*152*2438(mm) Weight :39kg Types:Double Flat & Curved Cutting Edge Material Selection: Technology& Factory:Read More

  • Tractor Bucket Cutting Edge

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    Tractor Bucket Cutting Edge

    tractor bucket cutting edge Specification : Part number: cutting edge bucket Dimension: 45*406*1064(mm) Weight: 141.2kg Material Selection: Company Introduce Jinan Higher Blades Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in China for producing cutting edges, grader blades, ripper...Read More

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