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Bulldozer Ripper Production Process, There Are Three Common:
Jun 22, 2018

1, steel plate cutting, suitable for flat plate production, if the special shape of the processing volume is too large, the material utilization is low, and will be limited by the thickness of the steel plate.

2, casting ripper. It is mainly suitable for the manufacture of some small ripper, and it is easy to produce casting defects and affect the use.

3, the overall forging ripper. The product uses integral forging technology to make the metal fiber structure denser and the metal fiber flow more reasonable, which overcomes the defect that the fibrous tissue is destroyed due to the cutting of the original process steel plate.

This makes the product has higher strength, especially suitable for large machine type and construction under harsh working conditions. At the same time, this kind of technology is no longer limited by the material thickness of the steel plate. The size of the supporting angle can be flexibly designed according to the customer's requirements, especially Thickness. In addition, the replacement angle head solves the maintenance problem of the supporting angle during the subsequent use, and can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the supporting angle during use.

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