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Excavator Bucket Teeth Maintenance Tips
Sep 11, 2017

With the continuous use of excavators. Excavator bucket teeth wear and tear will be increasing, with a certain period of time, often will be damaged, then we usually should be how to care teeth? The following let the slot machine hydraulic bucket teeth to teach you!

First, finishing protection. After the usual use of the things, we do not rush to save them, do not blindly to them, the best way is to make some of their finishing protection. It is worth noting that we are finishing, to remove the pollutants, dust, impurities, but also to the edge of the thing to restore cleanliness, so, in the next work, they will have a very good use of conditions The

Second, repair protection. Digging in the usual use, but also pay attention to view, they touch with all kinds of soil, it will inevitably attack wear, or damage to the situation, for which we have to find the problem in time, so that it can be very good repair They then end the guarantee of protection.

So, when we use the bucket after, we can follow the above tips to protect, which is usually the fundamental tips to protect them, is to ensure that the long-term use of the good conditions. Often into the slotted machine hydraulic bucket bucket teeth are damaged from some of the details of the beginning, thousands of miles of dike destroyed in the nest, we only maintain the maintenance of the bucket in order to be able to better use.

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