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Excavator Bucket Teeth Matching And Purchase
Sep 11, 2017

With the continuous upgrading of machinery and equipment, a variety of different functions of the excavator is also emerging, which led to people in the bucket when the bucket do not know how to choose, because the type is too complicated. Resulting in some unnecessary losses. Here let the excavator bucket teeth Xiaobian to teach you how to buy bucket teeth it!

Bucket teeth in the use of the process to see what kind of work environment with what kind of bucket teeth model, generally to dig, weathering sand, media carbon, etc. to use the mouth of the bucket teeth. Digging the hard rock to use RC-type bucket teeth, digging block coal seam generally used TL-type bucket teeth, TL bucket teeth can improve the rate of coal out. In actual use, users often prefer generic RC bucket teeth, Jinlong mechanical recommendations are not special circumstances generally do not use RC bucket teeth, it is best to use flat bucket teeth, because RC teeth with a period of time after the front wear, like 'fist' plus Big excavation of the resistance, a waste of excavator power, and flat bucket teeth in the wear process it has always maintained a sharp plane, reducing the resistance of mining, saving fuel.

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