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Grader Blade Uses And Materials
Jun 22, 2018

Grader blades Application: 

Widely used in construction of road construction projects, airport projects, and mine projects. Grader blades can perform soil cutting, scraping and leveling operations, as well as shaping of gravel roads, gravel roads, and subgrade roads. And maintenance, surface soil or turf peeling, trenching, repairing the slope and other leveling operations, as well as the completion of materials mixing, backfilling, pushing, sharing equal operations.

Grader blade material: 

A grader blade is a cast steel wear resistant material. The effect of different heat treatment processes on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the cast insert material. A normalizing or annealing preheating process before normalizing can improve the toughness of blade steel casting materials. After tempering, the 300°C tempered heat treated insert material has high strength and impact toughness. The heat-treated structure is lath bainite ferrite and retained austenite, and tempering brittleness occurs at 500°C tempering.

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