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Mechanical Engineering
Oct 30, 2018

Milling is a machining process that is carried out by means of a multiedge rotating tool known asa milling cutter.

In this process, metal removal is achieved through combining the rotary motion of the millingcutter and linear motions of the workpiece simultaneously. Milling operations are employed inproducing flat, contoured and helical surfaces as well as for thread- and gear-cuttingoperation.

Each of the cutting edges of a milling cutter acts as an individual single-point cutter when itengages with the workpiece metal. Therefore, each of those cutting edges has appropriaterake and relief angles.

Since only a few of the cutting edges are engaged with the workpiece at a time, heavy cuts canbe taken without adversely affecting the tool life. In fact, the permissible cutting speeds andfeeds for milling are three to four times higher than those for turning or drilling.

Moreover, the quality of the surfaces machined by milling is generally superior to the qualityof surfaces machined by turning, shaping, or drilling.

A wide variety of milling cutters is available in industry. This, together with the fact that amilling machine is a very versatile machine tool, makes the milling machine the backbone of amachining workshop.

As far as the direction of cutter rotation and workpiece feed are concerned, milling isperformed by either of the following two methods.

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