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On The Loader Bucket Teeth Attention And Maintenance
Sep 11, 2017

With the continuous development of science and technology, a lot of high-end technology has been developed by people, including rapid prototyping technology is one of them, the technology used in the loader bucket teeth, to people's operations has brought great convenience , Let us know about the use of the bucket teeth and maintenance of the bar!

After the loader in the factory, usually delineated about sixty hours of run-in period, which is often said to take the period, which is based on the use of pre-loaded loader skills to delineate the characteristics. The run-in period is an important part of ensuring that the loader is working properly, reducing its failure rate and extending its service life. However, at present, some users because of the lack of loader use knowledge or because the duration is relatively tight, the loader bucket teeth or want to get the proceeds quickly to ignore the special machine running time of special skills needs. Some users even thought that the manufacturers have a repair period, the machine is broken by the manufacturers as a repair, so the machine during the run-in time on the implementation of the corresponding overload of the work, and ultimately lead to frequent problems of early machine problems, which not only affect The normal use of the machine, shortening the service life of the machine, at the same time the damage to the machine to a certain extent, also affected the progress of its engineering, so the loader running time reasonable maintenance is very worthy of attention or even attention The

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