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Reasonable Use Of Bucket Teeth In Excavator
Sep 11, 2017

As people continue to improve the use of excavators, more and more projects are gradually adapt to the existence of such equipment. But with the use of excavators, excavator bucket teeth loss is also constantly strengthened, then we usually use the excavator when they should be how to operate more effectively use the excavator bucket teeth it?

Excavator bucket teeth of the importance of self-evident, so when used should be more attention, we must take the correct measures, so that the use of excavators will be normal. So, the use of excavator bucket teeth need to be correct? Here to introduce you.

The right choice: the use of excavator bucket teeth should first be the right choice, and for the material to determine the need to be carried out according to the environment, the only way to be able to better ensure that the choice of the right, and the correct choice of bucket teeth in use Also can play the best performance.

Angle of attention: excavator driver in the operation of the angle of operation should pay attention to, as far as possible when digging, when the bucket teeth digging perpendicular to the face, or outside the tilt angle of not more than 120 degrees, to avoid excessive Bucket teeth. But also pay attention not to have a greater resistance in the case of left and right swinging the arm, which will make the teeth and teeth due to the left and right force is too large and broken, because most models of the mechanical design principles of the bucket teeth, design.

Timely replacement: the wear of the tooth seat on the bucket teeth of the excavator life is also very important, tooth wear off 10% - 15% after the proposed replacement of the tooth, because the wear and tear of the teeth and the big There is a large gap between the teeth, so that the teeth and teeth with the seat, and the force point has changed, the bucket teeth due to changes in the force and fracture.

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