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The Operational Importance And Structural Influence Of Bucket Teeth
Sep 11, 2017

Speaking of excavator people should be the most familiar with the elephant nose is generally important teeth. Then you know why the teeth to design such a shape, the teeth used in the material is what? The following let the excavator bucket teeth to tell you about the excavator bucket teeth structure analysis!

(1) the impact of the impact. The above two structures, in the vast majority of cases, tooth seat and tooth sets (that is, between the tip) are used with a reed pin with a pin connection, this connection requires a gap between the tooth seat and the tooth cover, To ensure that the loading and unloading when the hole with the balance, if there is no gap, there is difficulty with the assembly, processing is necessary to achieve considerable accuracy, this is not economical. In the impact of the role (digging hard material when the impact is more frequent), tooth and tooth sets between the intense impact and friction, resulting in a higher temperature, the material hardness and impact toughness Reduced, resulting in rapid tooth tip wear, tooth seat by the impact of fracture. In addition, due to repeated impact, the pin and the retainer spring (buckle deformation is very small, large gap caused by the impact of deformation) is also prone to fatigue failure.

At the same time, if the impact of the impact can not be mitigated, which caused the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil local pressure is too high (which may lead to vibration) resulting in sensitive hydraulic components, electrical components aging and failure issues, and direct and long-term impact may But also lead to boom, arm break and other large problems. Moreover, the impact of transmission frequency is higher, coupled with the impact of the sharp noise, will make the operator feel uncomfortable.

(2) the impact of excavation and excavation speed.

When the impact force is not affected, the excavation force and the excavation speed will cause the hard friction between the tooth cover and the tooth base, which leads to the local temperature rise. In the excavation work, due to poor working conditions, water and air in the teeth and the gap between the tooth heap quickly heated, will make the surface roughness of the bucket teeth part of the rust, under the action of a larger digging force To speed up the adhesion of oxidation, tooth surface hardening layer and microstructure; so that the bucket teeth can not meet the requirements, reduce excavation efficiency.

So we can see a small excavator bucket teeth need us to conduct a rigorous analysis and experiment, so the formation of an excavator can be imagined is not easy, so we must be a lot of time to work Note, do not carry out some improper operation, otherwise it is likely to cause damage to mechanical equipment!

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