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The Rapid Prototyping Technology Of Bucket Teeth
Sep 11, 2017

With the increase in the demand for society, we have become increasingly demanding for some appliances. But in accordance with the traditional process of production process, our time is not enough, this time rapid prototyping technology has become a lot of abrasive production of the necessary means, let the following loader bucket teeth to introduce you to the characteristics of rapid prototyping technology!

Rapid prototyping technology based on the method of materials to create parts, technology with high t, without the mold can be a complex structure of silver material and so on. Which has a fast manufacturing. Ding processing complex shape parts, good economic returns, good environmental performance and so on.

(1) rapid prototyping technology is a major breakthrough in mechanical processing technology Silver City, but also the new development of mechanical and electrical integration technology. It is a computer graphics technology, data acquisition and processing technology, materials technology, and mechanical and electrical processing and control technology a comprehensive embodiment.

(2) greatly shorten the product design cycle. Fast forming technology in the new product development process played an excellent role in the design of three-dimensional graphics from the computer or entity to collect physical data reverse the entity data to start to create a physical part of the general only need a few hours or children Ten hours.This is the traditional manufacturing method is difficult to do.

(3) can easily create a complex shape of the parts, mold cavity, such as cavities, such as turbine impeller, pump shell, mobile phone case, civilian bone and teeth and so on.

(4) easy to achieve remote manufacturing. Through the computer network, the user can create the shape of the product in different places, the design results will be sent to the rapid prototyping technology service center, thus creating parts in kind.

(5) processing less waste generated. Conducive to environmental protection.

The above description is about the rapid prototyping technology of some of the features and processes, I believe that through the reading of the above article, you have a further understanding of this technology, if you need to welcome the caller.

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