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The Reason For The Damage To The Bucket Teeth Is The Coping Method
Sep 11, 2017

With the continuous improvement of urban construction and development, and sometimes people often in the street to see some of the mechanical equipment in the construction, the most common of which is undoubtedly a digger. The excavator is an important symbol of fighting teeth. Because the shape of the bucket teeth can be recognized at a glance, more importantly, his role is the most important excavator. Can be said to be the soul of an excavator. Let Xiaobian to tell us about the use of excavator bucket teeth some damage it!

The use of teeth is quite wide, but for excavators and other machines are more, bucket teeth casting method is not a lot, there are two kinds of sand casting and precision casting. Forging bucket teeth cost is high, the output is very small.

The bucket teeth sometimes in the work will be subject to varying degrees of damage, resulting in bucket teeth failure, force analysis of the general bucket teeth face with the excavated material in a complete excavation process of different stages of its different force The When the tip part first touches the surface of the material, the bucket tip is subjected to a strong impact due to the faster speed. If the yield strength of the bucket teeth is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip. With the increase in the depth of excavation, bucket teeth force situation will change. When the bucket teeth cutting materials, the bucket teeth and the relative movement of the material in the surface to produce a large positive squeeze pressure, so in the bucket teeth face and the material between the greater friction.

It is recommended after casting molding, the proper rectification of the casting to improve the organization and performance, improve service life. After a reasonable heat treatment of the castings, the service life of the bucket teeth has increased by nearly 2 times under the same working conditions.

Above are some of the causes of excavator bucket teeth damage, I believe you through this article reading, you will use the excavator in the process of the future will be helpful.

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