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The Use Of Bucket Teeth And Cost Savings
Sep 11, 2017

Some of the excavators who used the excavator must know that the maximum number of parts in the excavator should be bucket teeth, and the bucket teeth are eliminated because of the serious wear and tear, then how can we save the use of bucket teeth? Here let the excavator bucket teeth to tell you a little trick!

Bucket teeth as the excavator working device terminal, in the excavation process directly with the soil to carry out repeated excavation friction, are easy to wear parts, especially in the stone construction, bucket teeth wear and tear intensified, if the force is not uniform, and sometimes Will cause a single tooth fracture, resulting in shortened replacement cycle, maintenance costs increased. In response to this situation, some industry predecessors carried out a small technological innovation, the two waste bucket teeth together for welding, forming a new bucket teeth.

After the welding of the bucket teeth work contact area increased, the intensity and wear a substantial increase, and there is no new teeth because of the contact surface is thin, long and the case of fracture, more suitable for stone excavation and finishing work, practical Good performance. Because the contact surface is large, the excavation intensity is low, not suitable for hard soil excavation work.

After welding the bucket teeth strong wear-resistant, theoretically a pair can be arrived at the previous three or more use, improve the efficiency of mechanical operations, saving considerable maintenance costs, but also reflects the maintenance of the maintenance of the principle of maintenance work.

Through the above method we not only improve the bucket teeth utilization, but also to solve a lot of costs, is a good way to serve one stroke, if you have other aspects of the bucket teeth are still doubts, also welcome to inquire excavator bucket teeth.

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