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Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Technology Of Bucket Teeth In Excavator
Sep 11, 2017

 With the advent of the mechanization of the times, many people in the daily work will be done with the power of mechanical equipment. Because the mechanical equipment can greatly improve people's work efficiency to save human resources. Which is the representative of this era of excavator products. A good excavator must have is a good excavator bucket teeth. So in the excavator bucket teeth in the production process, how should we detect excavator bucket teeth is good or bad?

Excavator bucket teeth in the production process, the need for ultrasonic testing, then what is the principle of it? Although it is more types, but in the actual flaw detection process, pulse reflex ultrasonic flaw detector application of the most extensive.

Generally, in a homogeneous material, the presence of defects will cause discontinuities in the material. This discontinuity often causes inconsistencies in acoustic impedance. From the reflection theorem we know that ultrasound will be at the interface of the two different acoustic impedances The magnitude of the energy reflected and reflected is related to the difference in the acoustic impedance of the interface and the orientation and size of the interface. Pulse Reflective Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is designed according to this principle.

At present, most of the portable pulse reflex ultrasonic flaw detector is A scanning mode, the so-called A display display that the abscissa of the display is the ultrasonic wave in the tested material in the propagation time or propagation distance, the vertical axis is the amplitude of the ultrasonic wave The

For example, there is a defect in a steel workpiece, due to the presence of this defect, resulting in the formation of a defect between the steel and the interface between the different media, the interface between the different acoustic impedance, when the launch of the ultrasonic wave To this interface, it will be reflected, reflected back to the energy received by the probe in the display screen in a certain position of the abscissa will show a wave of the reflected wave, the abscissa of this position is the defect in the detection Depth in the material. The height and shape of the reflected wave are different due to different defects, reflecting the nature of the defect.

Ultrasonic testing of this function not only solve the people for the detection time of the product, but also to the maximum degree of protection of the quality of the product, so have to say that this is a very important technology!

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